Market to your customers in a whole new way!

Help your customers go from Grandpa’s Notebook to the 21st Century Notebook!

Give them a custom company banded TractorPal app. Your company logo and company colors all with the power of TractorPal.

We understand now more than ever it is going to be very important to get your customers back to your parts and service department. Did you know the average person looks at their phone 110 times a day! That could be 110 impressions of your company logo on their phone. Keep your dealership top of mind and check out the details on how to get a customized TractorPal app.

Q: What do you mean by a customized app?
A: We replace all the colors and logos of the TractorPal app with your company information.

Q: Now that we have the app what do we do with it?
A: You market the app and give it away to your customers just like you would a free pen, t-shirt, cap or any other promotional item. It is as easy as giving them a business card with a link or quick description on how to download the app. 

Q: How does my company benefit? 
A: Again, the average person looks at their phone 100+ times per day. This increases your company impressions with your customers. This app will also increase your customer’s knowledge about their operation. They will have service details, part numbers, and serial numbers with them at all times and when they come into the store they can just email the service dept or parts guys a list of parts they use or any other information you might need. There are so many other things you benefit from, just send us a message and we can set up a time to talk over the phone. 

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